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William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge, A.F. &A.M.
Lowell, Massachusetts

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Lowell Masonic Center, 79 Dutton Street, Lowell MA 01850

About William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge instituted in 1928 by Bro. Lucius A. Derby
            Kilwinning Lodge instituted in 1866, with M.W. William Sewall Gardner as its first Master.
            Kilwinning Lodge and William Sewall Gardner Lodge merged on April 13, 2007, to form William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge.

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William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge

As the years pass and the founders of William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge are no longer with us, we must depend upon the written word to tell us what went on before our time. Such is the reason for this brief history of events.

By 1928, the membership in the (then) four Lowell Blue Lodges had come close to 2800 persons. This had brought about a grave situation: Masonic Lodges had never been intended to become large bodies. The Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Most Worshipful Frank L. Simpson, had expressed concern about just such a situation:

"It is not the primary function of the Masonic Lodge to initiate candidates or to enlarge membership. Were it so, there would be no basis for our law governing proselyting. The primary function of the lodge and the craft is to train its members as benevolent men, to cultivate the social virtues and to propagate knowledge of the art. No greater service can be rendered to the craft than to stimulate a sentiment for more lodges and smaller lodges."

The situation was compounded two years earlier by the destruction of the Masonic apartments by fire. Masonry in Lowell had since been conducted on the premises of what was then the First Universalist Church on Hurd Street.

If there was one man who could be called instrumental in the creation of William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning lodge, it would be Brother Lucius A. Derby, a member and Secretary of Pentucket Lodge and, later, the second Master of our Lodge and the first recipient in Lowell of the coveted Joseph A. Warren Medal. Derby was a medium-sized man whose pictures reveal him to have a kindly expression, with a soft white mustache and thin-rimmed spectacles. One of his major devotions was Free Masonry as evidenced by several of his later gifts to the lodge: a marshal's baton, fashioned from a piece of lignum vitae that he had found in the ruins of the old Masonic Temple and had kept until a suitable Masonic occasion arose; an hourglass furnished in ebony to conform with his previous gifts to the lodge; and an ivory 24-inch gage.

(The story behind the gage typifies Derby's devotion to Masonry and to William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge: the ivory came from a large elephant's tusk brought back from Africa by a Masonic brother; Derby talked himself into possession of the tusk for the purpose of making a suitable gage for the lodge; he carved the gage himself with love and precision after several manufacturers of fine measuring tools refused to do the work because of the fragile nature of the material.)

On February 15, 1928, Derby sent a notice to the 52 Masons who had signed a petition (a 53rd name was added later) to form a lodge in the Lowell 12th Masonic District; this notice requested them to attend a meeting in order to take action in forming a new Masonic Lodge in Lowell and to select a list of officers to present to the Most Worshipful Grand Master. This meeting, which was held on February 29, 1928 at the Masonic quarters on Hurd Street, drew fifty Brothers. After the nomination of Wor. Charles E. Bartlett as temporary chairman, a motion was made by Bro. Derby that the new lodge be named WILLIAM SEWALL GARDNER LODGE.

Derby then moved that the new lodge meet on the second Friday of each month, excepting July and August.

A committee consisting of Rt. Wor. Arthur G. Pollard, Wor. Charles H. Hobson and Bro. John G. Parker submitted a list of officers for nomination. Chosen for major offices were

Other officers chosen for that first line were

Rt. Wor. Frank W. Hobson, Wor. Harry K. Boardman, and Bro. Lucius Fairchild were appointed to draw up a set of by-laws to be presented to the lodge. it was also unanimously voted that Bro. Derby be delegated to personally present to the most Worshipful Grand Master the completed petition for the formation of William Sewall Gardner Lodge.

One month later, on March 31st, a special communication was held for the purpose of receiving a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. District Deputy Grand Master Warren A. Goddard read the dispensation to those assembled and ordered that the Master and Wardens be conducted to their proper positions. The other officers were then appointed by Wor. Davis and conducted to their proper places by District Deputy Grand Marshall Winslow J. Damon. This being done, Rt. Wor. Goddard assumed his place West of the Altar and proclaimed that William Sewall Gardner Lodge was empowered to transact all Masonic business that could regularly come before it. Immediately after the Lodge was opened, the lodge's first Tyler raised an alarm: a brother from Keuton Lodge #415, Portland, Oregon, was without and, after being properly vouched for, was admitted and presented to the Worshipful Master.

Before that historic first communication was closed, the District Deputy Grand Marshall expressed his pleasure at being instrumental in the birth of a new Masonic Lodge and gave his best wishes for the LUSTY MASONIC INFANT. That description has been taken to heart over the years; William Sewall Gardner Lodge has been vigorous in its devotion and service to the ideals of Masonry.

On Friday, April 13, 2007, a significant milestone occurred for William Sewall Gardner Lodge.  The Lodge, by that name, ceased to exist and a new Lodge, called William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge was formed.  Kilwinning Lodge, instituted in 1866 in Lowell, merged with William Sewall Gardner Lodge.  M.W. Jeffrey Black Hodgdon and his suite from Grand Lodge officiated at the merger ceremony and installation of the new line of officers.  The last line of officers of William Sewall Gardner Lodge consisted of:

After the installation ceremony, the first line of officers for William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge consisted of:

Friday the 13th turned out to be an auspicious date for the new Lodge.  M.W. William Sewall Gardner was a founding member and the first Master of Kilwinning Lodge and now the legacy of the two lodges have been joined into one brotherhood.

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Biography of William Sewall Gardner
October 1, 1827 to April 4, 1888

William Sewall Gardner was born at Hallowell, Maine, October 1, 1827; his parents were Robert and Susan Sewall; he was educated at Hallowell, and at Bowden College, graduating in the class of 1850, and in 1853 commenced the practice of law in Lowell.

He was married at Brattleboro, Vermont, in September, 1868, to Mary Thornton Davis, widow of Charles A. Davis, M.D., formerly of Lowell; she had at the time a son, Charles Thornton Davis, a barrister in Boston. Mrs. Gardner died in 1875. A daughter, Mary Sewall Gardner, lived in Newton.

In 1877 he married Sarah M., daughter of Hon. Isaac Davis, of Worcester.

Soon after commencing practice as an attorney, he formed a partnership with the late T. H. Sweetser, Esq. The firm did a thriving business and soon opened an office in Boston. In a few years the Boston business demanded their whole attention, and the Lowell office was abandoned.

In December, 1875, he was appointed to the Bench of the Superior Court, and continued until October, 1885, when he was elevated to the Supreme Judicial Court by Governor Robinson.

In September, 1887, he was obliged to resign, owing to feeble health.

He was an Alderman of the City of Lowell in 1860-61, and City Solicitor of Newton in 1874-75.

He was deeply interested in Grace Church, Newton, being a Vestryman from 1871 to 1884, and Junior Warden from 1884 until his decease.

William Sewall Gardner had received his degrees in Ancient York Lodge, Lowell, August 11, 1852, serving as Senior Deacon in 1854 and in 1855 was elected its Master. Later becoming active in the Grand Lodge and was its Grand Lodge Master from 1869 to 1871. Gardner was a member of Mt. Horeb Royal Arch Chapter and Ahasuerus Council and a charter member of Pilgrim Commandery, Lowell Lodge of Perfection, Lowell Council of Princes of Jerusalem and Mt. Calvary Chapter of Rose Croix. Instrumental in the founding of Kilwinning Lodge, Gardner served as its first Master. At one time he was the Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery, Knights Templar and also served as presiding officer of the Lodge of Perfection and Princes of Jerusalem. Gardner's professional life was as distinguished as his Masonic life: a lawyer by profession, he served as a superior court judge from 1875 to 1885, at which time he was elevated to the supreme court bench.

For more infomation on Most Worshipful William Sewall Gardner, please visit the Masonic Genealogy website.

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Officers of William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge


Worshipful Master

Wor. Karl Hanson 


Senior Warden

Wor. John Papleacos  


Junior Warden

Wor. Michael Alexis508-320-8082


Bro. Nicholas Xenos



Wor. Roger Whitehead


Senior Deacon

Bro. Scott Hirtle978-866-8015

Junior Deacon

Senior Steward

Bro. Joe Gath 978-866-5820

Junior Steward

Inside Sentinel

Bro. Edward Windhol



Bro. Kevin McCarthy



Wor. Edward B. Acheson


Chaplain Bro. Andre Gibeau 617-794-6338

Education Officer

Wor. Edward B. Acheson



Wor. Roger Whitehead


Masonic Ambassador

Wor. Roger Whitehead


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List of Past Masters of William Sewall Gardner - Kilwinning Lodge

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Lowell, Ma.
1807 3rd Thursday
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William Sewall Gardner-Kilwinning Lodge 79 Dutton Street
Lowell, Ma.
1866 & 1928 3rd Wednesday
Merrimack Valley Daylight Lodge 19 Johnson Street
North Andover, Ma
1989 3rd Tuesday

12th Masonic District Officers

District Deputy Grand Master
Rt.Wor. John E. VanKuilenburg

District Deputy Grand Marshal
Wor. Shawn Smith

District Deputy Grand Secretary
Thomas Berry

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