Appreciation Dinner for Rt. Wor. Herbert W. Mitchell
October 26, 2001
Lowell Masonic Center

Rt. Wor. Herb Mitchell, Nancy, and part of the rest of Herb�s family, seated at one of the many tables. This was before Herb found out the "real" purpose for his appreciation dinner.

Rt. Wor. Herbert W. Mitchell and the current District Deputy Grand Master for the Lowell 12th Masonic District, Rt. Wor. Roy J. Leone, right after Herb was presented the Joseph E. Warren Medal. Herb�s first words after Roy pulled the award out of his pocket were, "WHAT!" We did, indeed, catch Herb by surprise with this one.


Rt. Wor. Herbert W. Mitchell, proudly displaying his Joseph E. Warren Medal, so rightfully deserved for all that he has done for his community and the fraternity.

Photos courtesy of Bro. Ray Rosch.